3D Cone Beam Technology

At Sahara Dental we use state of the art technology to ensure the best outcome possible for our patients, invites informed decision-making and enables patients to make wise choices concerning their oral health.

We utilizes cone beam CT (computed tomography) technology that provides highly accurate 3D images CBCT scans help Dr. Jamal and associates in treatment of root canals, orthodontic braces, place dental implants more precisely, pinpoint TMJ disorders, extraction of wisdom teeth, and many other dental and surgical procedures.


Why 3D Cone Beam Imaging

The health and safety of our patients is our highest priority, which is why we utilize a cone beam imaging system in our office. Unlike traditional x-ray systems, the Cone Beam system produces a very low dose of radiation, thus reducing unnecessary exposure. Some additional benefits of cone beam imaging include:

  • Visualize anatomy that cannot be diagnosed externally or from traditional x-rays
  • Create better, more effective treatment plans for many dental procedures
  • Assess benefits and risk of treatment options
  • Analyze the position and orientation of critical structures, such as inferior alveolar nerve, mandibular lingual undercut, nasopalatine canal and maxillary sinus prior to the procedure
  • Up to 10x less radiation exposure to the patient than traditional x-rays
  • Faster scan time (10-20 seconds vs several minutes)
  • Less expensive